Friday, June 6, 2014

Japan Trip!!!! Part 1

Finally my dream from I was a child REALIZE!!


First off all as I am Indonesian so I need to apply visa to enter Japan

So I need to set all the documents such as return tickets, accommodation, and of course your balance account!


Actually most of Indonesian said get Japan's visa so damn hard!


tell you now is so easy, so don't be afraid.

First, you need to make plan (of course!)
Then start search cheap tickets. For this time I used AirAsia! I got it for 3,700,000IDR around $370USD return ticket until my town with 25kg for baggage.
Cheap, isnt it?!?

so ticket already got.
Second, you need to find accommodation for your stay
Actually Japan Embassy not required you need to apply with confirmed from your accommodation but it will make easier your visa approved.

Tell you what in their mind,
If you already has accommodation until you back to your home and you already get CONFIRMED return ticket, so you just need a little money for your daily food and your transportation while in Japan.

SO the third about the balance is not to be afraid!
Most of Indonesian think if you want go to Japan you need at least 50,000,000IDR or $50,00USD in account and it still hard to get approved.

And you must be still thinking, how much I need in balance to get approved?!?
If you want to travel for a week so you need at least 7,000,000IDR or $700USD, just per day you need to expend 1,000,000IDR or $100USD for transportation and food.

In Japan they still said 10,000JPY is more than enough to spend for food and transport per day.

soooooooo... Hellooooooo Japaaaaaaaaaan!!!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Liese bubble hair


after maybe 3 years I never dying my hair, I dying it yesterday!
and I used LIESE

and inside actually has a lot of stuffs but this is just only 2 of this the most important

 Mix mix mix. . . .
u need to shake HARDER to can get this bubble and ready to use like a shampoo 

This is how I look after dying 
*it was in my friend's wedding party lol* but u can see very clearly my hair wasn't black anymore

for me I dont really suitable with liese color. Even I have bought really light color I still see it isnt light, I really like pop up color.
BUT the advantage of this product it is really easy to use like shampoo and dont need any help from other just shake shake shake hahaha

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dolly Wink #4!!!

Finally i have time to blog again! after several months non active huahahahha!
#no have time, and lazy LoL!!

So after several months ago and to continue my last post about dolly wink.
Finally I got Dolly wink eyeshadow #4!!!
which is no produce anymore NYAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!


but I got it in USA

AMAZING CRACKER, right!!!???

The origin of the product is from Japan! and I got it from U.S.A
but anyway its more pricing than in Japan

so here is how is the product look like

and this is how to use it

I believe u wont regret buy it even a lil bit pricing!
a16* The new product of dolly wink eyeshadow pink punk is also damn good for daily wear!*

Actually for me this eyeshadow u cant use for daily use as this is too colorful but who cares if i want to use I will use it!



Friday, July 5, 2013

Tsubasa Masuwaka 益若つばさ

Do you already know who is Tsubasa Masuwaka?

She is MAMA gyaru!!

Look how young her face! and do you know how old is she????
she is almost 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!
*28 this year*


so different with me T……T
I am younger but looks so old than her
TELL ME WHY!!!!??????
*say it with singing BSB - I want it that way* LOL

Here is some BIO from Tsu chan >x<

Name: Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ)
Born: October 13, 1985 (1985年10月13日)
Height / Weight : 150 cm / 37 kg 
Bloodtype: B

Tsubasa Masuwaka made her debut in the Gyaru scene when photos of her began appearing in several Gyaru magazines, including Popteen. She joined as an official Popteen model, and soon became incredibly popular in the Gyaru scene. The Febuary 2008 issue of Popteen became her last appearence, as she graduated to concentrate on being a Wife and Mother. On January 14th, model Masuwaka Tsubasa announced on her official blog that she and her husband, model Umeda Naoki have filed for divorce


Tsubasa has her own brand of make-up, called Candy Doll, as well as a similar line that focuses more on false eyelashes, called Dolly Wink. She has also released a line of Circle Lenses, called Bambi Princess Mimi. She has appeared in several commercials for very popular Japanese products, including Pocky, and helps promote, and is the face of, the hairdye line Palty, which focuses on the Japanese Gyaru image. She has appeared in an advert for a perfume called Magic To Love, in which she sung a song with the same title. Some believe it may be considered her singing debut, although it was never released as an official single. Tsubasa Masuwaka still promotes several popular products, and continues her Candy Doll and Dolly Wink lines.


Friday, June 28, 2013


I just received a present from my friend that so far far far away



maybe some of you thinking that is must be a luxury expensive stuff like LV, GUCCI, PRADA, or CHANEL but for me it really doesnt matter
*this chocolate if in my country is expensive just so you know!*
I just see how is your heart give me, is it pure from your heart or just only for formality.
and the shipping fee from my fd house to my house is super duper mega expensive, absolutely! from Australia to Indonesia mannn!!

BUT the funniest thing I got 

I am limited edition!

anyway my school name is PING so my close fd used to call me ping 
You can call me if you want too ^^

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daily Cream

As my skin before have a lot of acne *I swear, I have a bulk of big acne*
and my skin is not perfect like a baby's skin, I have a sensitive skin and have treating my skin a lot. So that's why I have 99 result of my elasticy skin in SKII skin test. lol
I treat such as doing a DIY mask from nature that is super duper cheap and buying a lot of masks in some store and brand that much expensive than DIY mask.
but trust me all I did works perfectly! Just be diligent, patient and no stress :)
(it comes years to get excellent skin, I am not telling a lie that your skin can instantly become perfect just only for one clap!)

After my skin better than before I tried using this product as day and night cream.

( SKINCODE ESSENTIAL 24hr cell energizer cream )
I am using this product for almost 7 months until today.

And I add a product for my day time for anti UVA and UVB coz I have a trouble in SPOT!! lol

( SKII WS Dermdefinition UV Lotion )

Here is how I look for now on lol

Have a nice day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

SKII Skin Test

I just went to SKII Road Show in Aryaduta Hotel, Makassar - Sulawesi Selatan - Indonesia. Actually I didnt know about that road show after my friend told me about that.
I should admit I didnt regret go to there. You can test all SKII product in ur skin as much as you want and the best it FREE!!
*Can got freebies if u have a invitation and I have it! mwuahahahaha*
Here is the freebies I got Image

Beside of free testing SKII product, you can check your skin like SKII promotion "make your skin perfect up to 5 dimension". The counter was so crowded so I skip until last minute of the show. My sister actually called me to test it *She queue up first and when time for her I joined tested lol*
The result of my skin was sooooooooo unbelievable! even I said the machine maybe broke after test a lot of people lol but really thanks God for want I have Image

I tried twice since I were the last person queue so the lady pleasant to tested me
Here is the first result of my skin

The Second time

I have 2D skin!!!!!!!!!!
My sis didnt believe it! * So do I * since I never use SKII product

but tell u my secret

SEE!!!! SPOT CONTROLwere 0 for twice tested!!
 but the good news was. . . . . .



Thanks for reading!